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Ask any chef – good food is all about using the very best ingredients.

The current trend towards fresh, high quality foods, simply cooked, means that using the right oils and condiments both in cooking and finishing dishes is more important than ever before.

There’s a bewildering choice available to the gourmet. Olive oils can be as variable in taste and character as red wine, so it’s important to choose the right one to complement each dish.

As a small family business, passionate about food, we have the time to consider our choices carefully and have selected a comprehensive range of ingredients to suit all tastes (and pockets!).


NEW - Bread Dipping Oils

We've got some lovely new bread dipping oils from Wildly Delicious in Canada. They come in a variety of flavours and we also have some stylish serving platters that show the oils off to best advantage. Just add some good bread!
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Moorish Herbed Lamb Stew

This is a delicious but very simple dish. It's great for cheaper cuts of meat – it works just as well with beef. The grated onions and lemon juice in the sauce help tenderise the meat as does pounding the meat with a mallet and cooking it slowly.
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Best Olive Oil in the World 2013

Made by De Carlo, their Tenuta Torre di Mossa DOP Terra di Barri extra virgin olive oil was voted the best in the world this year at the prestigious FLOS OLEI 2013 competition, amongst many other awards . With superb flavour and complexity it would make a great gift for a foodie friend (or yourself!).
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