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Paella Pan 42cm


For outdoor cooking - this one will serve up to 10 people.

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Paella Pan 42cm
Producer: Garcima "La Ideal", Valencia, Spain
55cm. Serves 10 (8 as a main meal)

Well engineered paellera from Spain's top manufacturer. You should always choose the right diameter pan for the number of mouths you want to feed - don't under or over fill a pan or your paella will not cook properly.
Best on a proper gas burner - 35 to 50 cm.
Caring for your pan
Before you use it the first time you must remove the thin protective coat of varnish by thoroughly washing in hot soapy water - a plastic scouring pad helps a lot. Immediately dry it well with a cloth or paper towelling and rub a thin film of olive oil over the surface.
After use soak and wash well, dry thoroughly and apply another film of olive oil. Its natural for the metal to take on a bronze, seasoned appearance.
Never allow the pan to air dry after washing or it will rust.